What Is Wellness Anyway?


Wellness is a word we hear a lot now days, you could say that there is a bit of a wellness revolution going on. But for a word that we hear in the papers, on TV, from the mouths of our favourite celebrities and see in the name of our favourite natural health clinic, it is a word that tends to lack definition. Most people have a rough idea of what wellness is, but if you ask them to describe it most will fumble around with terms such as healthy, not sick, looking great, energy etc. All of these people would be right, however if we choose to strive towards wellness in our lives, should we not have a clearer picture of what it is?

When looking for the answer to this question, it becomes obvious that there is not a specific definition for wellness. The Stedman’s medical dictionary explains it as “a philosophy of life and personal hygiene that views health as not merely the absence of illness but the fullest realisation of one’s physical and mental potential…” This definition is pretty close, but not quite there, so for those of you who are interested, here is my definition of wellness.

Wellness Is Feeling Unbelievably Awesome All The Time

It is an active process of becoming aware of how the body works and learning to make healthy choices that lead to a longer, happier, healthier life. It means more than just being free of disease. It means jumping out of bed in the morning and having bountiful energy all day; it’s healthy digestion; aging well; work/life balance; glowing skin; amazing sleep; a great libido; enjoying a glass of wine with friends; a strong immune system; enjoying family time; enjoying alone time; living life with gusto; a positive outlook and a clear mind. Overall it’s about balance of all these great things and more.

It’s probable that the definition of wellness will change slightly depending on who you’re applying it too, but the general principles of awareness, ownership of health and balance can be found in all these.

So how do you obtain wellness in your life?                                                                                Step 1: Find out what Wellness means to you and write it down somewhere you can see it every day.

Step 2: See what parts of Wellness you’re achieving and those that you’re not quite reaching yet.

Step 3: Learn. Learn the techniques needed to reach your goals in those areas that you need to work on, whether it’s diet, exercise, mental health or overcoming a specific obstacle that’s holding you back. You may be able to learn these by yourself, or you may need help from a friend, a family member or a professional. No matter how you do it, aim to learn.

Step 4: Practice and grow, once you’ve learnt it, practice it and grow this skill.

Choosing to live a life of wellness instead of a life of average health or of sickness is not just good for you, it’s empowering. So try these four tips and let me know what steps you’ll be taking to implement Wellness into your life.

Sarah xx

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