Be Quiet And Listen To Your Body

listen to your bodyOur bodies speak to us, they will tell us when they don’t like something, they will tell us when they do, and they will most likely tell us when they need something they’re not getting. The issue is that most people have lost the art of listening to their body. In the age of science we rely on other people, tests or machines to tell us what our body is trying to say. Sometimes this is a good thing, however it seems that it may have caused a disconnection between our brains and our bodies. It has become easy for us to pass our health into the hands of someone or something else instead to taking it on ourselves.

The job of a natural health practitioner is often interpreting what a body is trying to tell its owner, the goal however is to get the owner to eventually start interpreting this information themselves. When someone starts to listen, this is when they have started to take control of their health and it is often what will make the biggest difference to their health long term.

So how do you do this? For some people it comes naturally, others need to practice a bit, and some people need to practice a lot. It can help to think of a time that you have listened to your body, for example have you ever just had a “gut feeling” about something and therefore found yourself avoiding an unpleasant situation? This is listening to your body, and the same can be done with your health. In order to do this you need to be aware of what’s going on. Taking notice of the following things is a good start:
– What you’re eating
– What you’re excreting (yes that’s right I’m talking poo again, but also mucus, urine, you name it)
– Your mood
– Your energy
– How you look (e.g. tired, flat, pimply…)
Once you start looking at these things, start noticing how and when they change, e.g. if you have eaten a lot of cheese that week how has it effected you? For people who are just starting, keeping a diary can been helpful.

What are the benefits? The benefits of learning to listen to your body are huge. Not only will it give you a heads up when it’s time to get something checked out, but it will tell you how to treat your body. For example, if you start listening to your body and notice that you’re really tired all the time you may connect this to something else you’ve been doing such as eating too much junk food, or you’ve stopped exercising, or you’ve been working really long hours, or your digestive system has been playing up. Basically it’s likely to tell you about small problems and a small problem is a good problem when you notice it early. The longer problems go on for, the larger they get and the harder they are to fix. So by listening, you get to stay ahead of the game instead of back-peddling, and when it comes to health being ahead of the game may mean the difference between a life of illness or a life of great health and vitality.

If you would like to start listening to your body more but you’re having troubles then get someone to help you. This can be a natural health practitioner, or it can be a friend or family member you trust. In my opinion, listening to your body is you taking control and ownership of your health, and I can speak from experience in saying that this is one of the most empowering things you will ever do. So start listening and enjoy the journey.

Sarah xx

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