The top TEN super foods to eat DAILY

superfoodsThere is a lot of talk now days about SUPERFOODS, let’s face it, we’ve all jumped on this bandwagon at some stage. A piece of research comes out about some food that shows beneficial effects for health and the next thing you know it’s all over the internet and the Dr Oz show about how it will cure obesity, diabetes or whatever the latest fad is at the time. In recent years we’ve gone from Goji berries, to maca, to raw cacao, to coconut anything, to kale, to quinoa…, in fact there seems to be a new superfood every few weeks! I’m certainly not denying that these foods are healthy, however I think it is easy to put too much emphasis on one food and overlook everyday super foods that we should be eating.

So on that note here are my top ten super foods that I eat every one to two days. As you read through my list of super foods you’ll see that these are things you can get from your local supermarket or fruit and veg store. In fact most of them are easily grown right in your back yard. That’s right a super food doesn’t have to be exotic, expensive or on the endangered species list to be a food that is super.

  1. Carrots – cheap (even the organic ones), easy to find and easy to eat. They’re full of beta-carotene which is important for a healthy immune system and is a fantastic antioxidant. Carrots also contain some B vitamins for energy and vitamin C for sexy skin and a kick ass immune system. Additionally they’re full of fibre and you know this means perfect poo.
  2. Bananas – one banana goes into my morning smoothie. Bananas are my perfect food as they contain vitamin B6 and of course potassium amoung other things. They are packed with energy so give me the boost I need in the morning. The other thing that makes banana’s a super food in my book is that they come with their own biodegradable wrapping, so you can just put one in your bag and not have to worry about wrapping it up in non-biodegradable plastic wrap.
  3. Water – ok not really a food but super none-the-less. Drinking water keeps your skin soft, your brain alert, your blood flowing and your bowels moving.
  4. Almonds – an amazing source of magnesium, calcium and iron, what an amazing multi-mineral food and perfect for snacks, now that’s super! The best part is we grow heaps of them here in SA so eat up.
  5. Lemons – add them to water for an early morning drink or mix with a bit of olive oil for the perfect dressing, lemons are full of vitamin C as well as a few B vitamins. Having lemons in the morning helps to kick start your digestive system, plus they taste great.
  6. Brown rice – this humble grain contains a range of B vitamins and magnesium. It’s full of fibre so eating it every 2-3 days helps bulk things up down there.
  7. Any berries – that’s right, not just blueberries or goji berries or whatever the latest fad is, just all berries. Whatever you can get your hands on and the fresher the better. Berries contain heaps of vitamin C and a range of bioflavonoids which are amazing antioxidants. Each berry contains different bioflavonoids so eat a range to get as many as possible.
  8. Eggs – it wasn’t so long ago we were being told to stay away from eggs, the poor things were misunderstood and received a bad rap. Far from being bad, these little gems fall into my list of super foods. Eggs are full of protein and natural fat, the perfect meal if you ask me. Alongside their amazing macronutrients, their micronutrient content is huge and includes vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D, E, biotin, choline, folic acid… need I go on? These guys are an energy punch and definitely feature in my daily menu.
  9. Broccoli – full of B vitamins, Vitamin A and those beta carotenes again. It is particularly good for supporting oestrogen metabolism so ladies start eating your greens.
  10. All natural proteins including nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, seafood and legumes – protein is broken down into amino acids and these guys run our bodies. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, have strong nails, smooth skin, a great sex life, peaceful sleep and bountiful energy then protein is for you. Now any foods that contribute to the above list are definitely super in my books.

So how many super foods have you eaten today? Let me know what your favourite super food is, remember they don’t have to be sourced from the amazon to feature on your list.

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