The top TEN super foods to eat DAILY

superfoodsThere is a lot of talk now days about SUPERFOODS, let’s face it, we’ve all jumped on this bandwagon at some stage. A piece of research comes out about some food that shows beneficial effects for health and the next thing you know it’s all over the internet and the Dr Oz show about how it will cure obesity, diabetes or whatever the latest fad is at the time. In recent years we’ve gone from Goji berries, to maca, to raw cacao, to coconut anything, to kale, to quinoa…, in fact there seems to be a new superfood every few weeks! I’m certainly not denying that these foods are healthy, however I think it is easy to put too much emphasis on one food and overlook everyday super foods that we should be eating.

So on that note here are my top ten super foods that I eat every one to two days. As you read through my list of super foods you’ll see that these are things you can get from your local supermarket or fruit and veg store. In fact most of them are easily grown right in your back yard. That’s right a super food doesn’t have to be exotic, expensive or on the endangered species list to be a food that is super. Continue reading

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Why It’s Time To Take A Break

546232_10151200080790380_235144835_nI have just come back from a place where I had no cell phone reception, no internet, no power and no running water. A place that is so calm and tranquil it often causes me to cry when I arrive due to its cleansing nature. I stayed there for just over a week for my holiday where all I did was read, tend the fire, go for walks where I encountered numerous kangaroo, ate and possibly had a tad too much red wine. I got up when I wanted and went to bed when I wanted. I showered once in the outdoor shower and often just sat there staring into space.

Why am I telling you this? Because today I want to talk about the importance of having a break. Continue reading

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Top Tips For Boosting Energy

imagesCAWOZYJ1Are you tired at the moment? Join the club, it seems as if every second person who comes into TWR is exhausted at the moment. The dreary weather and lack of sunshine is certainly not helping matters, however it seems the problem is running much deeper than a bit of winter blues. I’d love to say that it appears to be one thing, however this fatigue sweeping Adelaide appears to multifactorial, the main contributors being low nutrient status, overworked adrenal glands, sluggish bowels and disrupted hormones. Continue reading

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What Should You Eat For Breakfast?

2012-11-09-08_37_37-964x1024As a naturopath, one of the most important things I can do for your long term health is give you the tools that you need to achieve optimal health every day, so naturally the area I tend to spend the most time on is diet. The old saying of “you are what you eat” is spot on and one of the most challenging meals to get people to change is breakfast. Today I want to run over why it’s so important to eat breakfast, common breakfast mistakes, and give you some ideas for a nutritious breakfast. Continue reading

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What Is Adrenal Fatigue?

tired-woman-recovery-from-adrenal-fatigueDo you often feel tired despite getting adequate sleep? Do you crave salty snacks? Do you feel more awake in the evenings than you have all day? Do you find it difficult to bounce back from a period of stress or illness? Have you put on weight around your abdomen and just can’t lose it? Maybe you have adrenal fatigue… Continue reading

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11 Ways To Boost Your Immune System This Winter

No one likes getting a cold, it slows you down and makes you feel rubbish. But before you garlicrun to the pharmacy to pick up a concoction of paracetamol, ibuprofen, anti-histamines, decongestants and codeine check out the list of things you can do at home to help boost your immune system, prevent the common cold and they may even help you get better faster. Continue reading

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Be Quiet And Listen To Your Body

listen to your bodyOur bodies speak to us, they will tell us when they don’t like something, they will tell us when they do, and they will most likely tell us when they need something they’re not getting. The issue is that most people have lost the art of listening to their body. In the age of science we rely on other people, tests or machines to tell us what our body is trying to say. Sometimes this is a good thing, however it seems that it may have caused a disconnection between our brains and our bodies. It has become easy for us to pass our health into the hands of someone or something else instead to taking it on ourselves. Continue reading

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