Soy and Honey Chicken Drumsticks

I made these last night and they were some of the best chicken drumsticks I’ve had (even if I do say so myself), take that KFC! Sorry I forgot to take a picture as I didn’t realise how tasty they’d be and we gobbled them all up!


6 chicken drumsticks

1 tablespoon of Chinese five spice

4 cloves garlic

4 tablespoons of soy sauce or tamari

1 heaped tablespoon of runny honey

Method: Mix ingredients together and marinate the chicken for at least 30 minutes.

Lay onto a dish so they’re all flat, cover with tinfoil and cook at 180°C, turning drumsticks after 20 minutes and cooking for 30-40 minutes or until juices run clear.

Take the tinfoil off and put heat up to 200°C, ensure each side is well coated in sauce and put back in for 5 minutes.

Pull out one more time, if there is excess juice you may choose to drain it at this time *. Turn them over again and put back in for five minutes and they’re done.

*I drained some of the sauce off ours, however if you leave it there it should reduce and make a lovely sauce, if it’s too runny add a small amount of water and cornflower mixture.

Serve with Asian greens or kale chips.

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